What Clients Are Saying About Healing Colon Care (as seen on Yelp.com)

My friend randomly gave me a call and told me he just got his colon cleansed and that it was amazing and had him feeling great once after and that I should give it a try. Immediately I jumped on the gun and made an appointment. I requested Cathy and she was amazing ! Once I arrived I filled out some papers to so that Cathy was able to understand my diet and if I were working out and if I had any medical problems etc. Again, Cathy is awesome, I mean, you have a tube up your butt, it’s kind of awkward but Cathy somehow makes you feel completely comfortable, unless you’re me and have no problem, but the process went by really quick actually since we were chattering it up the entire time. Her prices are very inexpensive and reasonable and worth every penny to give it a try. Extremely professional, only takes 45 minutes, with great prices ! I honestly felt so much better right after my cleanse, I notice during my meals that I’m eating a lot less now and getting full rather a lot quicker which is good for me cause I have a tendency to eat with my eyes O_O ! Trying to eat healthier now and treating my body the way it should be treated and not by constantly polluting it, obviously not all of you will be open to this, but I already have my next appointment scheduled !

~Christina, Huntington Beach~

I’ve had 3 sessions with Cathy and have been extremely pleased with the results. I’m not sure how she does it, but she makes what would normally be an awkward situation a comfortable one. I started off with a Groupon as I was curious about the procedure but wasn’t sure how beneficial it would be for me. My first session was pretty standard and didn’t create any spectacular results, but my 2nd and 3rd sessions did. My stomach used to look like a pot belly even when I was very fit. Imagine my complete surprise to see a flat stomach! I’m very happy I followed her recommendation to do a few more sessions. I’ll definitely be going back when the time comes.

~JP B, Mission Viejo~

This can be an very uncomfortable topic, but I must say, after going to see Cathy, there is no shame. She was great! I feel great! And I’m glad I made the decision to start cleansing my body! Cathy was so professional and informative that I never once felt uncomfortable. After I left I was exhausted. I was told it was due to the toxins leaving my body. I went home and slept like it was my job! Go. Your body deserves it.

~j c, Los Angeles~

Wait, what? That just came out of me? Whewww! That’s a relief! Thanks to Cathy, my husband and I feel so much better after our very first colonic experience. I’m still shaken up a bit, hehe, but I’m glad the rest of the yelpers didn’t go into much details about what they went through, but the outcome is the same: a very happy colon/stomach indeed! I would definitely go back again and recommend this to you…

~MJ M, Lakewood~

I was all geared up for my appt with Cathy. She is beyond nice and funny, easy to talk to and professional all in one!!!! Oh and we talk about food like its nothing LOL. Seriously she’s the homie! Any questions you have, she will be happy to answer and give great tips to keep you balanced

~Alexis B, Laguna Beach~

Cathy was great- I had always wanted to try hydrotherapy and Cathy was very cool about the process. I felt healthy and informed after my session. I now buy carrot juice regularly

~Cynthia B, Costa Mesa~

After years of issues with my digestive system I finally decided to try this procedure. Even though very scared of what happens behind close doors (literally).. I decided to start my search for a good colon hydrotherapist…Cathy was amazing she made me feel comfortable in an awkward moment. Only being in my late 20″s I never knew how much your body can hold on too, I was shocked to feel, the amounts of fecis and yeast coming out of my body. Even though am only done with one of my sessions I feel a lot better, lighter, less full.

~Anelly, Fullerton~

I was greeted right away by Cathy. Filled out a questionnaire and was sent into a room where the magic happens. Cathy made sure to explain everything that was going on and made sure I was super comfortable. She asked me about my diet and what my every day activities were so she could help me figure out how to be better with my insides. Trying not to gross anyone out with the details. Let’s just say that I really needed this done. After everything was said and done, I was so happy with the treatment that I purchased 3 more sessions. I have been telling all my friends and family about it that one of my friends just finished making an appointment for next week. It’s definitely a different experience but not a bad one. You should give it a try for your body…I feel great.

~Cindy T, Fountain Valley~

Haven’t been in a few months but only because Cathy did such an amazing job!…I felt like I knew her for years! She was my first encounter with colonics and has made me an advocate and I feel everyone should get one every few months! And go to her!

~Maren B, Anaheim

Cathy is very professional and puts you at ease. This procedure is one that is a must for most people, for the American diet is not the greatest on the planet. Even if you practice a “clean” diet, just the stress of everyday living here in Orange County makes a little help with “inside housekeeping” a good practice of healthy living.

~got s, Huntington Beach~

Wow…. I was really nervous coming to my first ever colonic hydrotherapy appointment. I really didn’t know what to expect…Cathy was my hydrotherapist. She’s so awesome. She made the whole experience much more comfortable. I won’t go into too much details but I felt lighter and refreshed after the treatment. I would totally do this again.

~Soriya, Anaheim~

I purchased a Groupon for a colonic and I’m glad I did. My appointment was with Cathy. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. My session took about 35-40 minutes. I did have some moderate cramping but it went away within an hour. When I got home I felt better and not sluggish. These past few days I even got some compliments on how nice my skin looks (and I wasn’t even wearing makeup). This service as uncomfortable as it might be is definitely worth a try!

~Veronica, Santa Ana~

I had a great experience with my detox. It was my first time & I felt very comfortable…Ask for Cathy she is awesome. I will definitely come again.

~Michelle K, Irvine~